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How To Understand Your Gender
(6-12) How To Understand Your Gender is a comprehensive guide to gender, for people questioning their identity, or just people who have questions in general.  Read through this helpful piece by Iantaffi and Bergman if you or someone you know could have questions or curiosities about the gender spectrum.
My Two Moms

(9-12) Iowa state Senator and activist Zach Wahls was adopted by a lesbian family, and has spent his life defending gay marriage rights.  In his touching autobiography, he explores his life growing up with two loving mothers, and talks about the importance of acceptance in family. 

Danish Gorl
The Danish Girl

(9-12) Lili Elbe is a pioneer in transgender rights, stuck between her own wife and her desire to pursue her own identity. The Danish Girl is an enthralling historical fiction novel that explores the meanings and implications of marriage while pushing the reader to question them.

This Is How It Always Is

(9-12) Claude and his brother are twins, in a family of all male children- until Claude decides that being a boy isn’t right. This Is How It Always Is explores a tale of a family, keeping secrets, and what happens when those secrets are found out.

Sister Outsider
Sister Outsider

(9-12) Audre Lorde is an influential poet, feminist, and Black lesbian. Sister Outsider is a compilation of her incredible essays and speeches, where she touches on the concepts of discrimination, class, and bigotry with her powerful voice.

Tomorrow Will Be Different
(9-12) Join author Sarah McBride in this touching writing, filled with hopeful ideas of respect and care. This 2018 memoir touches all bases in the talk of trans equality and is an inspiring read for all.
Radical Hope: Letters of Love and Dissent in Dangerous Times

(9-12) Radical Hope is a collection of letters for anyone and everyone, from various poets, activists and politicians. This collection of writings takes a step back to give a brand new point of view on gender, sexuality, fear, and discrimination in this cold and harsh age.

Ask A Queer Chick

(9-12) Ask A Queer Chick is a guide for queer women by a queer woman and advice column author Lindsay King-Miller. Giving advice for everything from coming out to supporting friends and even clothing advice, this book is a necessity for surviving without giving up your identity, as well as supporting your friends.

The Lauras

(9-12) When one day, Alex’s mother wakes them and gets them into the car without explanation, the two of them begin an adventure through the mother’s past unlike any other. Follow Alex through a road trip that leads them to not only question their mother, but themselves as well.

Boy Erased

(9-12) After being outed as gay to his baptist father, Garrard is forced into a conversion camp under the threat of losing his family. Boy Erased is a touching memoir of endurance and finding hope in surprising places and persevering through difficult times.