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Equity and Integration
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Achievement and Integration Plan

Achievement and Integration Plan

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) is identified as a racially isolated district by the Minnesota Department of Education. This means MPS has a higher proportion of "protected-class" students (or students of color) compared to our adjoining districts. This means MPS is required to submit an Achievement and Integration plan and is eligible to receive funding to support achievement and integration efforts. 


MPS created a new Achievement and Integration Plan for 2021-2023 (See below)


Goals: This plan is developed around goals to reduce disparities in academic achievement goals to reduce disparities in equitable access to effective and more diverse teachers and increasing racial and economic integration.


Strategies: The plan includes a variety of district-wide strategies including Magnet Schools, AVID, Climate Framework and Social Emotional Learning, Ethnic Studies and Curriculum Transformation, and Recruitment and Retention of Staff of Color. (For more information read the full plan below). 

Racially Identifiable Schools: MPS has 22 Racially Identifiable Schools that are included in this plan. Racially identifiable school means a school where the percent of protected students in a school is more that 20 percentage points above the percent of protected students in the entire district for the grade levels served by that school. These schools receive additional funding to support targeted strategies at their sites.