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GSA Curriculum
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GSA Curriculum

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  1. Introduction to GSA

    1. What Do You Value? Making a Statement of Values
    2. What Identities Are Important to Us?
    3. Intersectional Identities
    4. Pick up Your STONE: A Strategy for Community Organizing
    5. Skill/Talent Expo
  2. Gender and Sexuality

    1. ​Gender and Sexuality 101
    2. Gender and Sexuality Vocab Game
    3. Pronouns Closet: Nonbinary Pronouns
    4. Contextual Identities
    5. Construction of Femininity and Masculinity
    6. Be a Man
    7. Masculinity in Media
  3. Allyship and Inclusion

    1. What Is Allyship?
    2. How To Be an Ally
    3. Ally for What?
    4. Being an Ally is a Verb
    5. Broken Gingerbread People: Understanding Identities and Validation
  4. Queer History and Race

    1. "We've Been There" - Trans History Shorts
    2. Vogue Nights: Queering Our Labels
    3. "What Do We Know About Race?" Circle Discussion
    4. "What Difference Does Race Make?" Circle Discussion
    5. Exploring White Privilege Circle Discussion
    6. Asian and Queer
  5. Mental Health, Relationships and Support Resources

    1. Are You Okay?
    2. Who Can We Talk To When We Hurt Someone?
    3. Cards We Share
    4. Finals Care Kit
    5. Self Care Slime
    6. Script Making: An Anti Anxiety Technique
    7. Holiday Survival Guide
    8. Coming Out Advice and Discussion
    9. Thanks for the Support: Learning About Available Resources
    10. Relationships Timeline
    11. Unhealthy Relationships
    12. Resources for Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships
  6. Creativity

    1. Storytelling
    2. Song Battle
    3. In a Heartbeat
    4. Queer Fashion Show
  7. Events

    1. LGBTQ History Week & Race/Ethnicity History Weeks/Months
    2. BBQ Planning
    3. Movie Night Planning
    4. Trans Day of Remembrance
    5. Consent Campaign
    6. No Name Calling Week
    7. Q-Quest
    8. Youth Summit
  8. Miscellaneous

    1. Queer Media Recommendations