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Policies Supporting ALL Genders

Policies Supporting ALL Genders

Structural and Foundational Support

Policy In Action

Names and Pronouns

We all deserve to be referred to by our proper names and pronouns. Having one's gender identity recognized and validated is important. Refer to all students and staff by their preferred name and gender pronoun. A students record can be amended to reflect any changes in names and pronouns from those listed on government records such as birth certificates. If needed, please don't hesitate to contact Out4Good for assistance. 

Policy 5360 - Change of Name

Gendered Activities and Facilities

Gender is often used as a classification for dividing classes, prerequisites for participation, or access to facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms. Avoid using gender as a characteristic for division whenever possible. Create an all gender option for facilities and allow student to self-select to the group they would feel most comfortable in. 

Policy 6135 - Grouping

Safety and Bullying

Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming students are disproportionality targeted for teasing, bullying, harassment, and physical violence. These conditions can negatively affect their ability to concentrate on academic instruction and may lead towards a lack of school connectedness. Address bullying and harassment consistently and equitably. Address claims of discrimination or harassment as you would all other types of claims.

Policy 4002 - Harrassment and Violence Prohibition